Thursday, 1 November 2007

The ball is rolling

Today we had the official confirmation about Cs school, he is starting on Tuesday! *iih*

We went there to speed up some paperwork and J and I hid in our car spying on all the children coming out of the building at the end of the school day, the reason being: The admission secretary did a super speedy description of the uniform we needed and I didn't really follow on the phone, so I sat in the car to take notes on what the little one's were wearing, but there was no need for note scribbling, because they all looked the same and we are now going to the school costume store tomorrow to buy the whole kit. *C is very excited about the prospect of wearing a tie, I am not so sure, but he is very proud*

I will have to do a crash course this weekend in tie-tying. Never ever done it before and O will be away 3days a week. Maybe I shall get 5 of them, having O making them before he leaves...?

After that we went shopping for my next try at being a cooking mum. Today I did *again Nigella..* Rapid Ragu, i skipped the crushed tomatoes *I just can't stand the taste of it, I don't know why, I just don't like hot tomatoes* and bought a gorgeous slow cook tomato sauce which I added instead. And I just used a tiny bit of lentils, we had pasta with the ragu. I must admit it tasted lovely, and was easy to cook.


I suddenly feel as if I have had 3 glasses of red wine. A bit warm, happy and a little bit overwhelmed.

We just had a phone call via Skype. It was my brother and girlfriend, who called. They showed us this:

I am so happy for them!! *iiih, my little brother* They also sent some beautiful pictures, *I will wait with posting them until everyone is updated*

I am so happy for my wonderful brother and his beautiful and wonderful girlfriend.

*Ah, this is a good day, we are so happy for you guys, LOVE YOU!!!*

Comment of the day: When O and I had stopped creaming with joy, my brother explained to C what an engagement means. C, very sensitive to the whole wedding scenario since realizing I am not his future bride, fell into a heap, eyes rolling as if he was completely embarrassed. Now, just as I was posting this, he came asking me when the wedding was going to take place. I said, they hadn't decided. He said: "I hope it's not too soon, then I have to faint again!"


Watson Family said...

*ASG* Alltså, du är för härlig! Jag kan riktigt se er sitta där och spionera bakom era solglasögon, hihi!

Och lille plutten, tänk att han behövde "svimma"... det är inte lätt det där med känslor.

Grattis till brorsan med flickvän! Vad mysigt!
En bra dag för familjen B!

Larssons said...

Det tar ett litet tag sen kommer du slänga ihop snajsiga slipsknutar i ett huj.

Stort grattis till lillebror med fästmö. Jag har ju till och med träffat dem så jag blir iiiiiiihhhh-glad jag med.

Mia said...

watson family: Det e inte lätt med kärlek när du är 5år. :)

larssons: hoppas du har rätt, jag får öva flitigt i helgen. ;)