Thursday, 8 November 2007

After 3days experience as a School Boy Mum

my feelings are a little bit mixed up. Mostly sheer relief..

First day at school, C was very proud and woke me up at 5.30. "We have to check the bag, so we haven't forgotten the pear..
1st day at Cs school, J decided she should also have a tie to school (she did wear this both at drop off and pick up the first day..)

Managed to make the tie (mind you it looked a bit better than the one J is wearing above) and C was so proud when we stepped out, then I heard a "eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh!!* *in Swedish it's iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih* :)

"MUM! It's winter and I only have SHORTS on!!!". He was in shock. Unfortunately the shock is still there day 3, so now I have started talks with several people at school to let him wear something else on top of the shorts when outside. I think I have a found a good suggestion which I am proposing this afternoon, even though it seems as if even the school nurse *which I spoke with this morning* didn't understand that it could actually be cold to wear only shorts in winter time.

Otherwise the school experience this far has been mainly good or actually very good. He still is a bit confused about all the routines and he tells me all about it in the evening (I had my pear at the morning break, but it seems as if the other children have 2 snacks with them.., maybe I shall have a banana as well tomorrow. I wonder what's for lunch tomorrow?.. etc).

On the bad side, I feel like a lousy mother. We have managed to arrive late for school 3 days out of 3.. Well, firstly I was informed that they started at 8.50. Arriving 8.50 the first day, the door was already shut and lesson had started. Apologized and made note to self to arrive earlier.
Yesterday we arrived just after 8.40 and it was the same scenario. In the afternoon I actually asked the teacher when they start and I was told 8.35..

So today we set off from home really early and I felt very confident that we would arrive in time, until we opened the main door downstairs and realized it was pouring rain outside *it wasn't when we started our descend down the stairs from the flat*. So up again and put rain gear on J, who was in a terrible mood to start with. J then decided she should not sit in the car and when at school, she decided that lying on the parking lot screaming was much better than walking nicely to Cs classroom. *gaah* So we were late today as well..

Anyway, J and I have had lovely mornings with visits to the playground *ah, the bliss of only going with 1!* and we have also had really great afternoons with C, not to forget bedtime, which has been a breeze. J starting talks about it being middle of the night at 6pm, C hardly keeping it together at 7 and the rest of the household asleep by 8pm.. ;)
Comment of the day: Driving from a 2year olds perspective: Today, when driving from school, I put J in Cs booster car seat, so she was facing forward. When we came to a crossroad and I was about to turn onto a busier street, it took me a while before I could go. J started to giggle and when I had finally turned right into the street, she said: "Mamma e jättelolig, mamma inte hittade den", which translates "Mummy is funny, mummy didn't find it". (She thought I was looking for something in the car when I was looking left, right, left, right.)


Anna said...

Gah, har de shorts hela året om på hans skola? I vår får de som tur va ha långa byxor på vinterhalvåret. Fråga skolsköterskan om hon skulle vilja springa omkring ute i shorts.

anna uk

Mia said...

Ja, det e inte klokt. Så jag kollade upp ett par typ vindbyxor i samma färg (marinblå) som jackan de har.

Men så idag så hade han varit "ok" och sköterskan hade visst sagt till läraren som sett till att han hade jackan knäppt och mössa på, men här var bara ett par grader när jag plockade upp honom vid 3tiden och jag frös som bara den i min jeans!

Jag ska ta och börjar lobba för en förening. De vill ju gärna ha andra kulturer i skolan och då får de väl lära sig hur barnen ska klä sig. ;)


Mia said...

Jo, jag skulle säga att jag inte visade byxorna då jag hade 100 andra frågor och det var en hög föräldrar som ville prata och ...det var ju så KALLT ute så fröken ville gärna gå in igen..

1st Lady said...

Too funny, maybe not for you though! I've never understood school tradition regarding short wearing in cold days. Must be to toughen the kids up or something! Good luck on Monday, set the alarm for 5:30?

Mia said...

I'm off duty on Monday, hubbie's home, so I am staying in bed! :)

At least for the morning.. I think I am going to have a little talk with the head teacher and do some lobbying for some wind proof trousers during the winter, which I have found on one of the city's school uniform stores, I might as well live up to my reputation as a crazy Scandinavian if it means my son can keep his knees warm! ;)

swedish chekchouka said...

Gu' sâ osvenskt att komma försent till skolan!!! Asg, jag känner igen mig.
Ps, du fâr gärna skriva pâ svenska när du ger mig inlägg, jag skriver pâ engelska eftersom jag inbillar mig att mina nära och kära inte hittar eller känner igen mig dâ.

Mia said...

Nä, "oorganiserad hoppjerka", det är mina mellannamn..

Ska komma ihåg att skriva på svenska.

Kul att se dig här. :)