Thursday, 22 November 2007

Vad e väl en bal på slottet...

Obviously someone else's picture..

After a completely crap day, I am sitting here listening to the sounds of the City's Light Night. I had planned all autumn to go there tonight, to see the ice rink Winter Wonderland and to see the Christmas Lights being switched on. To see the anticipation in Cs eyes.

Instead I have had a terrible day, screaming at the children, spending 2hours to please a customer who decided to change her mind after all that work (lesson learned: Anyone calling 5times and sending 7 emails before even placing order probably won't place an order with you, they just want attention!). Cs temperature is down, but he can hardly speak and I had just about 2h sleep last night from trying to help him with his coughing.

Oh, well "vad e väl en bal på slottet"..

(for any non-Swedish speaker, this is what Cinderella says when she realizes she has missed the big ball dance at the castle and thinking to herself that it probably wasn't that fun after all..)


swedish chekchouka said...

preciiis, du har rätt i din kundanalys, struliga kinder är det i regel frân början till slut. Hoppas barnen snart kommer iform och att du fâr sova lite. Kram

Mia said...

Ja, och jag e lika dum varje gång när jag springer runt som en skållad råtta för att vara till tjänst.

C e mycket bättre idag, så jag ser fram emot en god natts sömn! :)

Trevlig helg

Anna said...

det kommer fler år då ni kan se julbelysningen tändas osv. hoppas ni alla mår bättre.

anna uj

1st Lady said...

Same experience with my business too. People that seem overly 'needy' are difficult customers. Those who need their hand held seem rarely satisfied.

As for Christmas! I'm jealous! You'll get your turn on the skating rink yet. Are the German markets there?

Hope your family feels better soon!

Mia said...


Ja, och nästa år fattar ju J galoppen också. Vi e alla friska (re) nu, tack för omtanken. :)

1st lady:

Very true.

Regarding Christmas lights, we drove past there on Monday evening on our way to IKEA, it looked fab! We are aiming to go soon! And we have to get skates for us, I have binned mine old ones from Sweden *we always skated in school in PE*


Mia said...

in PE? Sounds all wrong, should be "at PE".

På gymnastiken.