Friday, 16 November 2007

Where is my camera??

It has mysteriously vanished. Well, if you knew the state of our home at the moment, the mystery is not really that mind blowing, but still. I always know where it is.

I had it the other day.. every time I get the feeling of knowing where I was standing when I last held it in my hand, it slips away. It must be the cotton woll, still present.
This is what I need!

The cold has subsided a bit and I am at least out of the "better stay in bed" zone, which annoys me a little since O is now home again. Regarding my school gate angst, I have now been approached by 3 mums and I no longer consider myself the newcomer.

Ok, so the first one was selling Red Poppies, maybe not the most genuine of friendly approaches, but still *I am not too picky!*. Second was a really nice French mum with a son in Cs class. *make note to talk more with as really nice and potentially someone really friendly to hang out with by the gate*.

With Poppy Lady breaking the ice, a 3rd mum approached me yesterday. Her son had come home from school and told her, they had a new boy from ..

Russia!! in his class. I am now curiously wondering if the parents smiling at me yesterday when we were a bit of a hurry in the morning *again, J has the habit of making use of her nappy just as we take our coats on to leave in the morning..*. Anyway, I am just wondering what they were thinking, as I was jogging around the school *we have to park on the opposite side of Cs classroom* on high heels (there is a hole in my very comfy mules and the only other pair I have are a pale pink pair of Crocs..) with J shouting in the buggy "nej mamma (no mummy) too bumby!!" and C panting heavily at my side *not to mention the look of me, jogging with my "hockey frilla", which I, due to this cold, still has not sorted out.

I guess I will have to be extra representative tomorrow at the school's Christmas Fair and I am going for a hunt of not only my little compact camera, but also my hair straightener before then.


Dosiss said...

And I am known as the crazy swedish woman with the funny accent. I always get comments like; - at least you're not freezing since you must be used to the cold. Or - I heard it's snowing in Oslo(?).

O said...

Mmm, my boss treated us with lunch at Garbo's - a genuinly swedish restaurant - with a giant moose head on the wall, off-white walls, metabolic, orange wooden horses and scandinavian looking personnel. They served a swedish beer called Spendrups and swedish snaps called Aalborg Jubileum. Special dish for Today was Sheppherd's pie. So perhaps I shouldn't be surprised when my colleage from 4 years asked me if this is what it looks like in Switzerland.

Mia said...


*giggles* and you're not afraid of polar bears! ;)

O: I don't understand WHY we didn't go there?

O said...

well I wouldn't considering going back for the glorious swedish food. :-).

Another quote from a colleague, interrupting the waitress's attempt to explain the menu:
"Look, I'll have anything as long as it's cooked."