Monday, 19 November 2007

New Technology

After a year of lyrically telling me of how wonderful our life would be if we only bought...blah blah and there O looses me every time. He is talking about some kits for the computer, a TV card etc etc, so we can connect the television to our network *yes, we do have a network, my husband is a real gadget geek*.
Svensson, Svensson, Sveriges Television

But I have to say, I am SO glad that he is, because since Saturday evening, we can now watch loads of "computer broadcast" on our TV, in the comfort of our sofa! Last night we watched 5 episodes of Svensson, Svensson, an old favorite Swedish sit-com of mine, coming to life again on SVT after 10y of silence. It's about a pretty average family living in a terraced house somewhere in the middle of Sweden. The most funny thing that I find about the show is that Gustav, the dad of the family resembles my dad in many ways *it's the guy lying on the coach in the picture..*.

And..if I watch this series with my dad, I laugh and my dad *totally oblivious of him being the same*, frowns and says "what was funny about that?"

*because to him, such a situation is life..*


larsson said...

alskar svensson, svensson! Tacka din geek-husband for sladden;)

Mia said...

Ja, visst är det bra!! Jag tyckte pappa var lik Gustav för 10år sen och nu jobbar han ju t o m på posten!! :)

O said...

abselut. Det dar med wireless ar ju ett skamt. Jag har FEM sladdar in till den dar wireless routern!!

Cissi said...

visst är det roligt!? Jag har kollat varje söndag via nätet. Älskar den!!! Finns mycket kul att se där förresten.