Sunday, 4 November 2007

Not much happening really

I have been sitting with my nose pressed to my computer screen all weekend, so nothing has really happened here. O and C went to the Zoo on Saturday where C took the picture above.

He also took a picture of a black leopard (it is actually a black leopard and not a panther)
He found it very exciting to photograph the animals.

O also worked himself through a doorway in our flat, which has been sealed. Someone asked me the other day if our house was finished *meaning if we were all sorted after moving house in ...August (!!)*. Realizing that we hadn't really done a thing for a couple of weeks, but more or less gotten used to all the boxes, something had to be accomplished this weekend.

Now we can walk to the kitchen from the living room in the evening without waking little one! Will take a better picture tomorrow..
*That's all really, time for bed!*


Lillie dAmour said...

Kram Kram

Liza said...

Hello Mia! I was browsing thru the mom blogs when I stumbled upon yours. You have a neat blog... hope you can visit mine too. Happy Tuesday :)