Monday, 5 November 2007

School Gate Angst

I am in training...
Click on the picture to see the training video..

I think I have the hang of it now, my biggest problem being: the tie is too short to take off without ruining the knot, so I have to master this technique at 7am tomorrow morning.

Who on earth decided 5y olds should wear tie to school?..

I have also given myself problem no 2. Today, I bought scissors to cut Cs hair. 4 different kinds and it was great fun cutting C's hair. It went quite smoothly, maybe a bit too smoothly.

"Hey, I really got the hang of this!", I thought and started having a go at my own hair.

Not after serious consideration, washing hair, making sure I had time for this adventure, noooo that wouldn't be no sport at all, I started at the same time as C and O was leaving for the shopping mall. J *being 2y old* being equally interested in my scissors and falling hair as she was afraid of all the fireworks going on outside, so watching telly on her own while I did my hair wasn't on her agenda.

Now I have serious, School Gate Angst! Anyone knowing any Swedish knows what I am talking about when I mention "hockey frilla"! I took a good 3 inches off!

Comment of the day: Os comment upon seing my new hair do: "It must be nice with shorter hair" Not "You look smashing!" or smiling lovingly admiring his wife's new looks, but rather his thoughts went to convenience..


) said...

but you do look smashing. I told you so weeks ago!! ;-)

Mia said...

I know, you always think I do. It's amazing really.

J said to C today at 6pm. "C, måste sova nu, det e mitt i natten!"

Completely exhausted, tomorrow is another day..

O said...

saknar er. puss!

caroline bowen said...

hi to you all
couldn't open picture from email so thought i would look at your site
ties for 5 year olds is so cruel!!!

Larssons said...

Foto foto foto. Vill se foto på hockey frillan*gapskratt*
Du är säkert jättefin!

Anna said...

kan du inte köpa en färdigknuten slips som man bara hänger på? :) anna uk

Mia said...


Lovely to see you here! :) I most definitely agree with you, not at least for the mums. :)

We miss you up here. I overheard C and O the other day when they were playing a game, O had to call himself Millie.. I think C misses her a lot.

Lots of Love,

Mia said...


No way, Jose!! My Hockey Frilla is for my husbands eyes only (poor guy!). I am planning a "redo" this weekend..

Mia said...


Det hade varit toppen! Men det ska vara skolans specialslips med emblem på. Men nu e jag riktigt snajsig på slipsknut (jag var riktigt nöjd med andra försöker i morse) och sitter och myser lite för mig själv när jag tänker på Cs fröken som får knyta 17stycken på raken i morgon efter gympan, de ska komma med gympakläder på sig och skoluniformen i väskan. ;)

Tuacolumba said...

Hey, I had the same problem with my school uniform, it might be worth trying the four in hand knot, it's what I used when I learned how to tie a tie. Hope this helps.