Friday, 2 November 2007

Eye Drops

Today, it was time to revisit the eye doctor. Not too much excitement this morning, though, because today was eye drops day.

The lovely man examining C last time was on holiday and the replacement wasn't exactly used to children, a 25y old woman, thinking "as long as you are loud and distract them, noone will know I actually don't know a thing about children..".

We entered the examination room and when C sat down in the chair, she startled us both with: "DO YOU LIKE GOING UP THE CHAAAAIIIR?? WHEEEEEEE!!"

C shot me a look as he was being lifted up slooooowly by the electric examining chair with a look saying "here we go again..."

When it was time for the drops, C quickly scooted over to my chair and got really blocked. I suggested, I would give him the eye drops and when he was lying in my lap a little more relaxed, she dashes over to us: "DO YOU LIKE TO BE TICKLED, DO YOU????"

*Thanks a lot!, that really helped my desperate aiming for the mini gap in Cs eye*

C freaked out and I asked if I could have 30sec to just calm him down. The response was: "LOOK IN THE CEILING, DO YOU THINK THERE'S A DINOSAUR THERE??!!!"

In the end we got the eye drops in, but I wouldn't say that C *nor I* would be to happy trying again in 6months time...

Now he has a lovely pair of glasses (no tint) and also 2 builders outfits *well, that was what was needed in the end, some good old incentives..*

Friday evening was spent watching Mr Bean on holiday *again* and C and J took every opportunity to have a go at the "dance floor" whenever there was any music in the movie.

After the optician thing, we *read I* was to exhausted to even contemplating buying school uniforms, so it has slipped into tomorrows list of things to do..

I also sat down today with the phone aiming to book an appointment with a hair dresser *for C*. After having had a look at the list of local hair salons, I realized that safe bets like Toni and Guy or Hair Associates were out of the picture and with choices like Fringe Effects, Hair Affair and Uppercuts, I realized we should probably at least walk past a hair salon before making an appointment..


Dosiss said...

Oh dear, what a scary lady :)I feel ill when people talk loudly, a headache for sure.

Mia said...

Yes, and it didn't exactly make C relax..

Have a good weekend, dossis! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I am sure your visit with the eye doctor was not as funny as it sounds but I can't help smiling at her! :) I am sure she did her best though - what she THOUGHT would be the best, that is! :)



Mia said...

Lisa: Yes, she was quite confident for someone who obviously had no experience of children. :)

I was able to laugh, afterwards..

Thank you for stopping by. :)