Tuesday, 18 December 2007


ok, so I am completely obsessed with Grey's Anatomy, but I still think that expression can be applied on my day.

Yesterday I just said to O, "I am actually feeling rather well today, but then again, that's how I have been feeling every Monday, only for it to take a turn for the worse on Tuesday and then seriously downhill during the course of the week."

True to my dooms day feeling, at 3am this morning, C woke up with a terrible cold. Yet again. Ok, so one day at home and then off to school for his last day. And then the tummy bug hits us again. What IS this?! I NEVER have tummy bugs, but now? And ALONE.

I feel terribly sorry for myself at the moment.

On a good note, I received my new lovely table runner from John Lewis: Nice, isn't it?
I also received a quite encouraging email from my new GP, who did run a long list of blood tests on me last Friday.


I am out of the woods regarding my iron, it is now normal! (I managed to run down my iron stores to 5 after J was born and it came with heart condition and other not so nice side effects.), but this is now fine.

Good news number 2 was that kidneys are just fine (my blood pressure is mysteriously rising since the birth of my 2nd child), but thanks to my new GP I am going to an impressive specialist on the subject (I have done some googling and he has done a lot of good!)

Cortisol level is still up a little bit, and needs further investigating by my Big City endocrinologist who started an investigation last year, but wanted iron to be up before doing anything further.

Admit it, this must have been my most interesting post this far?


Anonymous said...

grattis till den positiva verdict'en!
Den dar envisa magbacillen ar inte kul. S hade en forra veckan I jag har vantat pa att den skall drabba oss andra.
3 dagar kvar till jullov for alla har I familjen. Langtar!!!

Big'O said...

I'm so, so glad to hear about the good test results and even happier, and lucky, to realise that we have found a decent GP (they are not easy to come by!!). So we're back on track. "Give us the tools and we will finish the job"

alskar dig, snuffisen!

Mia said...


Tack, det var ju alldeles lampligt med ett glatt tickande hjarta sadar lagom tills Nyarsloftet ska laggas. :)

Trevligt jullov!

O: I am seriously contemplating calling the union to see if they can't please go on with the strike this New Year, not only will we get a very nice and quiet holiday season, I can also keep you here a little longer..