Monday, 10 December 2007

Sunny Monday

This morning, the sun was shining for the first time in weeks. I mean on a blue sky. It was lovely to see, it was also very handy as I needed to play photographer for work. Nothing beats sunshine when it comes to bring out colours in a photo.

C was happy at school today, because his teacher was back from being home ill and he played really nicely with J after school.
Evening was spent assembling our Hemnes bed and I have now promised myself that I am not going to go down "blue lane" this time when O leaves, I am going to keep the mood up.

However, I am not sure how I am going to feel tomorrow. C had a note in his school bag "Don't forget the costume tomorrow...". I instantly phoned the school to ask what costume he is supposed to bring and off course it was the one for the nativity play on Thursday. I have to ask his teacher tomorrow what part he is playing (he didn't know..), fingers crossed, it doesn't involve any sewing..

Also a big thank you to Crille och Eva who sent a card to J. It is always C who receives all cards, so the was over the moon about her mail. Thank you, you are so sweet!


Chrille said...

Good that she like the card. C should get one as well unless it's lost in the French postal system.

Mia said...

Vi har borjat nedrakningen. J sa idag: "moplo kommen, se alla Js toys!"