Thursday, 13 December 2007

Show time!

Today it was time for the big Christmas Nativity play at Cs school. He has been practising for weeks both at home and with his class and J and I was very excited to go. J didn't really have a clue of what was going on and she kept sitting on only half the seat, saving the other half for C.

I earlier wrote just over 2 pages of ranting on how I would like to kick myself for not looking for the missing cord to the camcorder earlier, or buying that new camera I have been talking about, because trying to take pictures of your little shepherd singing across the stage with a %$$£"£$ compact one is quite impossible, but since the %%!!&%% laptop decided to reboot in the midst of my ranting *and nothing was saved..* I am taking that as a sign that maybe I don't have to let you hear all my thoughts of my non excisting organizational parenting skills at the moment..
Here is the whole ensemble, my shepherd is sitting just to the right of the silver star in a light blue stripey top and a tea towel on his head.

A blurry zoom in to show my gorgeous shepherd.

During rehersal (for the older children at school) yesterday, C had been clapping his hands in between the songs, so to prevent this, he had a cunning plan. He held his own hands in his lap and afterwards he said: "And do you know what, mamma? My plan worked!"

Then back home to wait for Os return!

PS. Great, I just realized that I have had my chocolate tarts I was making for O's return in the oven for about 60minutes rather than 11min..%^&**!!! Hope that the fire alarm doesn't go off when I open the oven...

PPS. It didn't, but baking confidence has just gone down the drains..

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