Sunday, 9 December 2007

Back to reality

So who says that the 2nd of Advent has to be all nice and candle lit..
IKEA delivery no 2 came today. At least I had a bit of metime with my new red friend, the Vaio in the morning, while O and the children went outside. It really calmed my nerves, but the afternoon was spent assembling furniture.

J must have some kind of IKEA gene, because she is perfectly capable of fixing a scew with a cordless screwdrives and she is only 2 1/2years old!

She said: "Ingen fala mamma, J siktig finglet" *No worries, mummy, J careful with finger"

Last night was actually spent programming, (O enlessly configurating the tv card and I another blog) I just had to sit with my laptop and while I was on it, I visited a part of my brain, having been asleep for a while. Very pleased to say it worked quite well. Not all mumsy up there. No, quite sharp if I may say so myself. *eherm*

Haven't started the book yet, but as least I now have a nice little bedside table to put it on.

Comment of the day: Everytime we assemble IKEA furniture J learns something new. Today, she has been saying: "Va detta dumheten!!" ("What's this nonsense!")...


Larssons said...

MÅste kännas väldigt skönt att få lite möber och kunna gömma undan saker. Tänk så mycket _golv_ ni har helt plötsligt;)

J verkar vara en händig donna.

Mia said...

Absolut och ikväll har vi en säng att sova i. :)

Hon upphör inte att förvåna mig, den här lilla damen.

1st Lady said...

Do you have a Christmas tree yet? We just got ours last night, it's still in its meshy wrapper, ready to fall open and scratch me to pieces ;) Our candles will be lit soon, L.Muck has them in place but didn't want to switch them on. I told her to do it.. they have sensors &!*(&!^!%

Mia said...

No no tree yet, and O has managed to break 2 of our lights *I mean two whole settings *, so he is for sure going back to IKEA this weekend. I WANT lights in all windows.

Nice to see you here. :)