Thursday, 20 December 2007

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas..

Not my picture, our neigboring and later favorite park while living in the Big City. C was so used to seeing these deers when he was a toddler, that when he went to Sweden he was astounded by..cows!

I am seriously dreaming of a White Christmas now, yesterday we had (at itsy bitsy bit) snow and today the frost has not disappeared at all. It is beautiful outside, but all outside experience I have had today is sliding my way to the parking meter and then back up again with the children watching in the window..

O arrives any minute and I have made my brother's bed, which is waiting for him in the study.

Christmas is seriously beginning now.. *ignoring super long list of todo's before Monday, at the moment the house is quiet and I am dreaming..*

PS. Have realized that Harvey Nichols is situated just a couple of minutes from home. They have a food hall, maybe I can find my herring there, for our Christmas Eve dinner. *hoping* Will go there tomorrow.


Dosiss said...

Actually we have the same landscape outside. It's so beautiful. The frost is so thick that its ressembles snow.

Mia said...

It is lovely, isn't it. We had a mild Christmas when it came down to it, but it wasn't so bad as O had a long drive to do on Boxing day.

Hoppas du hade en fin jul.