Saturday, 15 December 2007

The Arrival of the Tree

O and C went out to get a Christmas tree today. O said during lunch, he thought they might have picked a bit to small a tree, but when it was delivered and he had to carry it up the stairs, I think he thought otherwise. The arrival of the tree was seriously the beginning of Christmas for me. I was jumping up and down with joy and then we played Wham's "Last Christmas", whilst decorating it. *It's nice to approach the 40s as you nowadays can rock to any old music with ease and no embarrasment what so ever* and packed up our Christmas boxes.
It was a close fit

I particularly liked the base of the tree as "getting the tree straight" with a Swedish Julgransfot *a cup with 3 screws, which you spend a couple of annoying hours adjusting to get the tree standing straight* is usually one of the pet hates of the Christmas. A time at the holidays where we always end up cross with each other. Me for B not listening when I am instructing him and he for me giving him to many instructions..

J overcame her fear of the vacum cleaner today..

The result, knowing myself, I will make my own adjustments when the children are not looking, like the santa and angel party C arranged on one of the branches..
I also sneaked outside to see how it looked and it was a very cold and crisp night outside. I felt a little bit smug when I noticed that our tree was bigger than fancy lady's downstairs.., but I am not going to feel guilty about that, because the last time I met her, I was really nice to her, I was just coming back from my hair dresser and I told her so. She looked at my hair, made a face and said: "Well, the wind probably blew it around a bit.." *oh, she's pure joy to be around...*


Watson Family said...

Åh vad fiiint!! Er lägenhet ser så himla vacker och mysig ut! Särskilt nu med den stora granen.

Vår gran har också fått speciella dekorationer, men jag tycker det är rätt charmigt!

Mia said...

Tack, vad glad jag blir att du tittar in! :) Jag tycker om att man ser sa mycket av sitt boende nar man bor i lagenhet pa 1 plan, sa va man an befinner sig ser man nagra fonster me d ljus i.

Eran gran ar jattfin tycker jag. Vad skont att ni fick sa mycket shoppat pa er resa.


1st Lady said...

haha, serves the lady right. What a cheek she had. The building looks lovely with your tree and candles.

Mia said...

Thank you, I tried to take a corner photo, but it was to dark and my camera to ..compact. :)

O said...
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Mia said...

O: no names, please.