Monday, 3 December 2007

I could probably give birth right now and not even notice..

that is how tired I am at the moment..

We had a break on Saturday evening, but that was about it really. Today, when our landlord arrived, the house was very representable *well, at least comparatively speaking*. I got the thumbs up to put in some new flooring and then they were off. 70h of frenzy and then...*bliss*

The fact that is was all over, catapulted me into such a good mood, that I put the advent lights up in all our windows. *the window sill was to small, so I had to stick them to the window with sticky tape...* We live on a corner, so I hope it looks really cosy with all the lights in all the windows. Here is our cosy office:

Oh, *I get goose bumps now*, the children on the ground floor are standing outside playing the national instrument now! 1stlady, is this some kind of ceremony, standing outside playing, or is it just the parents asking them not to practice indoors?

Today, J found her snow globe. She took one look at it and said: "J se snow!!", she is remembering it from last year and then, she was only 1 1/2y. Both J and C were fascinated by them for a long time and we had a little feel good moment there, O and I watching them..

Comment of the day: O asked me to read through a report he was sending off and since I didn't find my glasses *yes, forgot to tell you about that, I have glasses now!*. Anyway, I took my sunglasses, since I have lenses from the optometrist in my new sun glasses as well. J came walking past me sitting with my sunglasses in front of the computer and she started giggling saying: "Mamma kojig" (Mummy looks funny)
Me: "But I have my cool sunglasses on!"
J: "Nej, mamma Mr Bean!" (No, mummy Mr Bean..)

Oh, well I have to live on Cs comment when he saw me in my sun glasses: "Mum, you look like a rock star!"


1st Lady said...

I would imagine the children are practicing and have been asked to do so outdoors. I hope they were reasonably good.

I'm so pleased you place candles in the window! I shipped some over to my mum for our New Town windows (battery operated with sensors, electrical is different!). Candles in windows look so pretty at night, especially from outside, are there many in the area?

We are also on a corner!

Mia said...

Ah, ok thank you, I was wondering because they seem to do it just about once a month..

How interesting, I have to take a good walk around and see if I can spot yours! :) I don't see any other candles in the windows around here, but maybe there will be some closer to Christmas.

1st Lady said...

Last I heard she hadn't put them in the window yet. Hmmmm.

Candles in windows should be obligatory, the area would look fantastic!