Friday, 25 January 2008

Against the elements

Yesterday was a weird day, the weather was definitely not on my side. In the morning, getting to the car, it was quite a nice morning, but when trying to get to the car from Cs classroom our of nowhere came a snowstorm! We waited under a porch until the worst had passed and when we got to the car, it was snowed over! Well, I didn't have to dig it out, but the windows were completely covered. 2 minutes after we came home J pointed at the window, exclaiming. "Mamma, sunny outside!"

And indeed it was. A day perfect for cleaning, I love early sunny spring days, I would say they are the only days when I truly prefer to do cleaning to anything else.

When it was time to put coins in the parking meter again, I placed J in the window, so she could watch me and went down. The very second I put my foot on the street, the heaven opened up and I had the pleasure of doing my meter run in torrential rain and consequently was completely drenched after my little trip across the street. J thought mummy looked very funny running around in the rain.

When I was back up in the flat, the wind stopped again and the sun was shining again. From a blue sky.



Lox said...

Det skotska vädret är exakt så oförutsägbart som man inte kan föreställa sig innan. ;-)

Larssons said...

Vilket spännande väder ni har. Här är det sol eller sol eller kanske lite sol. Nåväl vi tar en dag med oväder emellan och sen sol igen

Mia said...

Hej lox! :)

Det blaser ju sa forbenat hela tiden, valdigt skont pa sommaren, men Januari hade jag hellre varit nagon annanstans..


Jattespannande, ska jag skrapa rutan den har morgonen, eller vanta 10 minuter med flaktarna pa (och J skrikandes MAMMA SLUUTA! for hon gillar dem inte) innan fukten forsvinner fran bilen? Ja en annan lever ju liksom pa edgen om man sager sa. ;)