Wednesday, 30 January 2008

2 1/2

Meet my daughter, 2 1/2years old.

Best friend: Big brother
Afraid of: Unknown sounds. "E de? it's pooky.."
Not afraid of: Our cat and other children (when accompanied me to pick C up from a birthday party, she threw herself into a balloon fight with the boys)
Hates to: wash her hair.
Favorite drink: Hot chocolate.
Favorite food: anything with ketchup..but tomato soup is a nice variation..
Favorite tv show: In the Night Garden
Favorite book: In the Night Garden..or Totte or Emma..or Ellen.
Favorite film: Right now "Flushed away.." before it's been Emil for just about 2months.
Favorite song: Rod rod rod e mossan pa mitt huvud...

Can't live without: Books
Always loved: Music (I couldn't listen to music while working when she was in my tummy, she went mad kicking away in there!)
Always loved II: Speed, "faster pappa, faster!" is what she says going in the car.
Sleeps with: Dora, Spotty Cow and Pink Cow.
Here I tried to "interview her", but she was more interested in an elastic band.. I gave up.

Typical things she says:
"Laaligt pa den mamma" (don't know what it means exactly, but she is very content when saying this)
"De e haaligt idag" (we always hear this several times a day)
"askling...." (darling)
When asked where daddy is, she goes: "Pappa grejar sladden" (daddy fixing the cord..)
She has also started to give me instructions:
"Akta mamma, inte klammel dig..." "Siktit mamma, inte lamla" etc.
"ta de mamma?" (Star det mamma? *Does it say, mummy (text)?)


Dosiss said...

My Emma is three and it seems to me that they are lot alike. E adores ketchup and chocolate, music and books.
She's really lovely your daughter;)

Mia said...

Thank you dossis, our girls are really of a lovely age.

100% happiness, 100% love, 100% curiosity and 100% frustration.

300 times a day.. ;)

Larssons said...

So much hair she has now, she's a real cutie. They are really black or white in that age. Everything great and wonderful or absolutely horrible. S now says funny things like pappa e toki o mamma e cool.

Mama said...

How sweet, I wish I could get my children to speak more Swedish, most of their words are in English. Thank you for the comment on my blog, I appreciate it!

Mia said...


Her hair has really grown lately. When she has had her hair washed (not very often if she has her say..) it is very curly as well, but pink cone hat sort of sorts that out nowadays.

*Haha*, vem har lart honom det? Mamma e cool. Linn sa nar jag hade pa mig mina coola solbrillor "mamma mr Bean.." ;)


I am glad I found you. Thank you for visiting me. ;)