Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Back to school

I must admit, I heavily dreaded today. I thought all exhaustion and confusion of the "starting school angst" I had before Christmas was going to start all over, but to my surprice it all felt quite familiar and reassuring. *gosh, I don't really recognize myself*.

I have to admit it, I want routine. Even the grumpy janitor was a nice and familiar face. Waving to the lollipop lady and my little chat with the teacher at the end of the day did the trick for me, although today it was a very brief one as it was pouring down.

Last night C was sure his beloved teacher wasn't going to recognize him without one of his front teeth. He told me, he might have to present himself with his first and sir name. :) He was very surprised that she new very well who he was and..since he was off sick the past 2 days of last semester *this word I always have a hard time with me, since it means holiday in Swedish*..anyway, he got his Christmas present today, which was a very nice treat.

J had a bit of a shock with both daddy and brother away and she has asked me just about every 3rd minute of the day where they were.

The other big thing of the day was Cs fascination with his new jumper. He only wore his shirt last semester and today I put his jumper on, which seems to really have made an impression on him. "Mamma, all day, when I looked straight ahead I thought that I didn't have any jumper on, but when I looked down, I realized I had my jumper on!"

I must admit I am a little bit like that myself: everytime I am to jump into the shower and I catch a climpse *due to practically racing past the mirror* of my post-2pregnancies-including-1ceacarean-tummy I think the same thing.. *gaah*!

PS. For anyone loosing sleep over my steroids dilemma, it should be fine taking these drops. We'll see, will try that for a couple of weeks.


1st Lady said...

My kids went back to school a week ago. I do prefer the school holidays where you are, you get longer for Christmas and other holidays. Our schools have 2.5 months over summer, wish they could give us more time off in December and Easter instead!!

Mia said...

Yes, it's really well planned actually. Especially if you are an expat and want to use holidays to "go home". There is almost 3w i March! *yehoo*