Sunday, 20 January 2008

Party Marathon

I should not complain, before moving here and with C not attending any school, birthday parties were rare and far in between, but 3 parties in 3 days? He *and we* are now exhausted.

I have started thinking of Cs birthday party (in April) and what to do. I was thinking of getting this cake. Incidentally O grabbed a family magazine from the toy store where there were lots of different venues to choose from. I am appealed of a farm party. Ride a donkey, *typ*.

Part from toy store visit, back and forth to party, Starbucks, play ground and a couple of rounds with the car to view potential areas to buy in, I have been working and this evening is serious financial migraine meeting. *ugh* Well, it has to be done, I don't think it's too bad, but we have far to many parking penalties in our pile of paper to go through to make it the most romantic of Sunday evenings.

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