Wednesday, 16 January 2008

My Emil and Ida

Ida and Emil

"Emil in Lonneberga" is the quintessential Swedish dream of any Swedish expat. This is what we in our darkest moments feel that our children don't get to experience. That it is farmer's living made romantic in early 18th century doesn't matter when it comes to an expat's bad conscience.

So I guess that Swedish expat children probably get to see so much more of the Astrid Lindgren's movies, made in the 60s and 70s and watched by their parents when they were children, than children living in Sweden today.

Today, C and J was playing Emil and Ida. C was examining J as if he was a doctor *this looses it's point when translated, so I am not even going to try* :

C: "Sag aaah"
J: "aaah"
C: "Du har typiskt"
J: "Oh nej!"
C: "Johoru, forst blir du bla i ansiktet och sen dor dina blommor!"


Watson Family said...

Fröken Petig som jag är, undrar jag nu om Emil verkligen utspelar sig i tidigt 1700-tal??

Är det inte snarare tidigt 1900-tal, eller sekelskiftet ca?

Bara undrar...

(Vi ser också en del Emil, men Linnea är rädd för Emils pappa än så länge)

Mia said...

watson family: Det stammer, min engelska suger.