Thursday, 31 January 2008

Manic weather

The weather here never seases to surprise me. Today it's completely manic. Very windy, snowing one minute (so you can hardly make out the house on the other side of the street) only to be sunny and blue skies a little later. Guess what weather it was at pickup time?..

Today I felt like looking up a Miss Hooley (Balamory) sequence to announce: "It's a winndy dey todey!"
On our nearest bridge this morning. This lorry blew over. (Photo: B B C)

J and I have been in her room most of the day, she busy with just about every toy in her room. me flopped on her bed watching the weather outside, drinking ca 200 cups of pretend coffee.

One minute sunny and blue sky, this is what it looked like when we headed out for pickup. 10 minutes later J and I stood at the school gate with half an inch of snow on our hats!

Comment of the day: C has had a difficult time at school lately having been asked to look after another Swedish boy, which briefly described has not been his choice of friend, nor a very good one. I've been working very hard with him to let him understand that he is not responsible for another child, but that he should be playing with children of his own choice and who are nice to him. The Head of Early Years at school was as shocked as me that the teachers have told C to go and sit with this boy, who only wants to sit on a bench. (This has been going on for 3 months..) Anyway, he has been practicing running around playing with other children at school breaks this week and today he came home and told me that: "O and C (two girls) told me today that they love me and that we are like a family. Nar de sa det mamma, blev jag sa glad att jag nastan borjade grata, men det gjorde jag inte." (when they told me that, I was so happy I felt like crying, but I didn't)"

Min plutte!


Jim said...

The lorry closing the bridge caused chaos. It took me from 8am until 1.35pm to get from Edinburgh to Arbroath because of it. A journey that normally takes me a couple of hours! I wasnt impressed :-)

Mia said...


Thank you for stopping by. :)

That bridge is terrible even at good times, I can imagine it wasn't to much fun!