Sunday, 27 January 2008

Out and about

We started our outing by getting into the car and driving past a couple of flats for sale. C thought we had a very strange way of driving to the play ground and was constantly asking how many minutes was left on our journey, so not really that much room for counting windows and checking the prospective new home from every angle.

When we arrived at the park, I took a little tour by myself to the cemetery. While there I realized that it was a long time since I was on my own on a cemetery, I have always loved doing that, so this was my little treat to myself.
Pure magic to me.

I wonder how long I stood watching this tree?

When I joined the others at the playground, C and J were in full swing

It's a beautiful playground and the setting is fantastic.

J, a bit small for climing ontop of the big climbing frame did good use of the slide.

A happy girl
(well at least until we were leaving, our departure was as usually accompanied by her primal screams).

Jumping around on spots on the ground.


Dosiss said...

I thought I was the only (and weird) one that loves cemeterys; especially All Saints' Day. Your children look lovely in their cute "bonnets".

Mia said...

No, here is another weirdo. ;) I keep away in the dark, though..

They keep very warm, my two little cone heads and they actually love their (Danish) hats. Most importantly of all, they have not had one single cold since we started with these.


O said...

What can possibly be more relaxing than a stroll down the cemetery?! Add a pink and a green cone and you will immediately understand what really matters in life.

Larssons said...

What a wonderful setting for a playground! I feel like playing ther too.
Won´t join you for a cemetary walk though...will be standing by the gates holding a cup of coffee for you instead:)

Mia said...


Thank you for listening today. I love our pink and green cones. And the overalls. Today, J was outside in the rain for 60 minutes and when we got home I was sure she was going to be soaking wet, but she was all dry. (heja PoP!)

Imagine that, what I wouldn't do meet you over a coffee.