Thursday, 10 January 2008

Yes! I made it

this week as well! :)

Today I have sort of snapped out of it, the blues. I think.

Pepping myself with positive thoughts (this usually is the case on Thursdays, but hey it could be permanent), I've been thinking of all excersize I get from carrying J up and down the stairs and all the car strapping.

We have had a celabratory mood here at home, the children (and me) desperately trying to stay awake until daddy is home, but J didn't make it. She had a very brief nap today, so awake almost all day. She must have been very tired this afternoon, nodding off while playing *?* because she told me every other 15 minutes "J vaken igen!" *J awake again*...

C asked me today when I was going to get "giggnut", which I realized after some quizzing, was pregnant. Curious to what his view on the whole fertility part of life is at the moment. You get giggnut by saying "I want a baby one million hundred thousand times."

Will start posting pictures again soon, it's just that we moved the TV from the living room to our bedroom on Monday evening realizing afterwords that the only thing being able to work as server needed for the TV was my new red friend and I have been to desperate on TV watching to dare pulling out the cords, using my laptop and then try to get them back again. *so much for my degree in computer science..*

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