Saturday, 26 January 2008

Ah, relief!!

J in the car

Last night a burglar alarm went off in our immediate area. After 1h we called the police to check if they could do anything about it. It seems they had other things to do, so followed did a night with absolutely nil amount of sleep. J miraculously slept through the night, but C woke up and came in to us. I tried to sleep with a pillow over my head and he kept laying himself on top of my sound barrier, so I constantly woke up of thinking that someone tried to suffocate me.

At 2pm today we had enough of the beeping, called the police a 2nd time, this time with the details of the vehicle and went to an indoor play center. When arriving back, it was with agony we drove into our street. It was silent. The car, which made such noice for 17hours had finally been towed away. *aah!*

Comment of the day: C, when reading his bedtime story Aladdin and he kissed Jasmine: "Mamma nar jag ser pa film tycker jag kisses (pussar) ser ackliga ut, men pa riktigt e de ganska goa" (Mamma, when people kiss in movies, I think it looks discusting, but for real they are actually quite yummy)

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