Monday, 28 January 2008

Conservative son

C without his 2 front teeth

Today it's all been about talking on the phone to gas companies and it's kind, constantly repeating my account number and being sent back and forth between people, every time with the extra connection to an automated voice asking me to press in my account number "for us to be able to find the right team to help you"..

Part from that, there was quite a big doze of sand pit manners at the school gate today. I don't understand where grown up women find the energy to make other's feel bad. I must say, I am constantly amazed by the female side of the human species. I just don't get women as a group.

C had a really good day today and he was practically shining coming out from school. In the evening we read Aladdin again and he did some more thinking about kisses. I asked him if he had kissed his favorite girl at school (as he was quite the Casanova by the age of 3 having one girl friend on the morning session at nursery and another one in the afternoon!):

"No, I don't think we are going to kiss until we get married."


swedish chekchouka said...

va' gulligt!! hoppas att han alltid kommer att ha en sâdan själkontroll, men den brukar försvinna med puberteten.

Dosiss said...

Cute! But it won't last long;)

Mia said...

swedish chekchouka:

Jag skulle tro det. ;)


He was completely put off marriage a while back when he realized that it involved not living with mum and dad. "nahaae, fyy! Det ska jag ALDRIG gora!"

O said...

nope, it won't disappear. It will last forever. Genes, it's called. In a few years he will moan at the moon, plinking and plonking on a guitar out of tone, crying for love. :)) (smirking proud dad says - yeah, right!)

Oh, I love my wife! We have so much in common. I don't get women in group either!! *LOL*

Seriously, no need to get into details but your strength against deteriorating teachers, self-admiring housewives and likes is amazing. At the end of the day, is there anything we won't do to protect the health and wealth of our children. They didn't fully appreciated the scope of the issues last week and if it, against all odds, turns out that they still don't understand the message well, then we will continue to fight back, continue to highlight problems, continue to cause trouble, continue to protect and continue to show the way.

Love you!

Mia said...

O: *haha* ja det blir svart att bryta trenden med bada sidorna av slakten sa starkt representerade.

Vilken tur att vi snubblade over varandra, annars hade du val fortfarande suttit dar och ylat och jag ehum..legat pa soffan *inte jattestor forandring dar iof* ;)

*fniss* Seriously, I am ok today. Thank you for picking me up when I throw myself at the wall.

Have a lovely day, the sun is shining in our new town today, it's beautiful. Awaiting the big archtic freeze later this week.