Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Rain, rain & some more

It's been absolutely pouring down today, so to have something to do indoors, we did some re-organization of J's room, just to get some excitement to our day. It worked a treat and she's been in there almost all day when C was at school.

Today, I've been on the phone a lot. First to O, then to school feeling like a complete wimp for starting to cry when speaking to the head teacher of early years. Oh well I have to stop fretting about that, at least she got he message and thinking about it, at least I didn't sob uncontrollably, it was more like talking with a very big lump in my throat...
After school we went to the park, to let the children run off some steam. Not surprisingly we were alone, so they had the whole play ground to themselves.
It's nice to have someone else to push J's swing. C was goofing around while pushing her and she was laughing hysterically.

After 30 minutes C announced: "Mum, I'm worn out!"

Mission accomplished.


O said...

Fantastic pictures! Wish I were there. svarade pa forra inlagget. fattar inte riktigt hur det funkar..

Love you loads.

Mia said...

You can comment where you want. ;)