Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A Perfectly Ordinary Day

Today started as as most Tuesdays with the shock of getting up at 6.30. No, getting up is not the shocking part, but to get myself and the children ready and out on a certain point in time is seriously challenging for me after 1year at home with them.

So this morning wasn't very different from my other Tuesdays, it all went fairly smoothly until we had found our way down the stairs and had been running towards the pay and park-spaces by the park.

Our car wasn't there. I tried not to sound stressed out when gently asking C if he remembered where daddy parked the car yesterday? He didn't remember. Silently I was cursing my husband for parking totally willy nilly and not informing me and myself for not having any mobile phone, so I could call him and ask. After some searching back and forth I noticed the car..on our street, opposite our main door. *gaah, we made it in time, though*

The main part of the day was spent trying to keep J happy while working, but to be honest, I spent most of the day drewling over properties.

After pick-up we went shopping and to get J up the stairs I bribed her with sweets *I had 3 bags of shopping, Js school bag, gym bag and a number of hats in my arms *ok 2, but they felt as if multiplying with every flight of stairs I manged to climb* ...

Feeling very smug having planned something else then sausages and beans for Tuesday dinner, I put the lovely beef steaks with tsatsiki cheese in the oven. 30 minutes later and with really hungry children waiting by the table, I realized that I my supposedly lovely gorgeously smelling beef steaks smelled rather odd. I had forgotten to take out a plastic (but coloured in the same colour ans the foil tin..) styrofoam which they lay on, having now been roasting away together with the steaks and actually was completely glued to them.

Kids had tortellini *thank goodness for 1minute cooking fresh tortellini!* and I had nothing.

C had his homework. Thank you teacher, he spent 80 minutes carefully colouring 18 dots,17 triangles etc on different animals. The last one I did with C counting *it was 40 minutes past bedtime and C was practically falling off his chair*. He was a bit upset with the result, so I had to write a note to the teacher saying "mummy coloured in some of the pink clouds...* so understandably not as neatly done.

Then it was time for bedtime stories..

Js Midnight garden, around 16 pages who goes like this:

"Makka Pakka
Akka Wakka
Mikka Makka Moo

Makka Pakka
Appa yakka
Ikka akka ooo

Hum dum
Agga pang
Ing ang ooo

Makka Pakka
Akka wakka
Mikka makka moo"

and then to C's room for a Dinousaur fact book session, 20 minutes of reading names like:


A perfectly normal day...time to get get some energy for tomorrow. Please God make my tv connection work tonight *J managed to switch off the whole tv-computer thing earlier today*


O said...

akka pakka... it is not that much different from that Scottish poem that C is supposed to learn by heart by Friday. Thank goodness he's not relying on daddy's swenglish pronunciation. "Twa wee birds..." - my boy! :)

Mia said...


He new it my heart last night and now he is aiming for the trophy..

Sovit gott? Jag sov som en klubbad sal nar val tanten dar nere slutade leka operasangerska/pianist...hon holl pa mellan 23 och 23.30 sa inte sa illa, mer an att jag la mig halv elva of en gangs skull...

Jaja, nu e L vaken och dags att dra igang kommersen.

Hors sen!