Wednesday, 9 January 2008

This should be a Wordless Wednesday

but I don't have any photo..

This day has really all been about surviving my daily Bean moment.
Imaging yourself wedged in the back seat of a 2door saloon car trying to get a non-cooperating 2.5year old toddler into a rear facing seat.

3 days a week I have the pleasure of doing this performance for smiling walkers-by, not once, but 4 times a day, unless I decide to go grocery shopping or some other pleasurable task, by which my backbreaking *not to mention patience tampering* excercise is up to 6 times.

So shopping is out.

Now, J also has added the habit of falling asleep in the car on our way to pick up in the afternoon. She is like a big bag of beans and she doesn't move a muscle neither while I try to wake her up, nor when I try to flop her into her car seat.

Add to this, an absolute freezing cold wind that makes you cold to the bones and a wind that knocks the buggy with your sleeping toddler over, not to forget slams the car door straight over your legs if you try to keep any dignity in the whole strapping kids in car seats by keeping one or two feet on the ground.

Well, I am just full of positivism today. Hope you've had a good day.

PS. I just called O talking to his voice mail, saying "Bingo, children asleep at 7.40! only to realize that snooring C is now awake again and J is screaming in her bed "sleeping is booooving" and upon being tucked in she screams "Neeeej taaaaack!", which means "No thank you".

At least she is polite.


Dosiss said...

Oh dear, I really do understand! Emma had a tantrum every day when picking up her brother at school; for a year's time. The other little french children never screamed; extremly well-behaved. It's soooooooo exhausting that sometimes I cried in the car while driving home.

Mia said...

A YEAR..*gulp*. Well today I don't have to think about it..

Have nice weekend, dossis!