Saturday, 5 January 2008

Swedish vocabulary lesson no2: "Gilla läget"

I saw my first local ENT specialist today. He was a very nice man and he confirmed my symptoms. I did not, however have any cyst in my sinus, it has just collapsed, hence the feeling that someone sitting on my face. And the pain in my teeth is very correctly "something lying on top of them".

So now, the verdict is to try steriods for 5weeks and if unsuccessful it's surgery again, but after leaving the ENT surgery, I realized that I've read that steriods raise the cortisol levels in the body and that, I already have to much of, so I am not sure how well that's going to go down with the endocrinologist. The prospect of sinus surgery is, *how shall I put it*, challenging my outlook on life at present.

So, the Swedish expression of today, which I am going to teach you is "gilla läget" pronounced "yiller leget" *with a silent british r and the first e of leget pronounced like "level or everest". It means, that how booring or bad a situation is, you just have to adjust, you have to find a way to like it or to see it in a positive light. Gilla means "to like". *I am not adjusting very well at the moment, but I aim to..*

Yesterday we decided to kill some waiting time by going to..guess.. IKEA. O has been playing the hulk the past couple of days switching our bedroom into office and vice versa. This meant moving 6 double IKEA wardrobes and similar amount of chester drawers full of things, but the result is very nice and spacious (we now have a bedroom of ca 40sq meters). This all thanks to our partying neighbor above our former bedroom, who have started a habit of partying until ca 5am a couple of nights a week (he started in October and we just had enough around Christmas time.

We just HAD to have a picture to match our new room, so when going to IKEA we decided to buy the picture above.

Just before getting to the checkout O had a feeling he should double check the picture, which was rolled up in a box. I am very glad that he did, because he realized that we had the wrong picture in our box..fancy coming home, hoping to put that chic touch to your new bedroom and this is what you've bought, a 2m*1.40m sized world map..:


Larssons said...

Men pluttan då, fy för dina otacksamma bihålor. Hoppas att du hittar en medicin som hjälper och att du kan få slut på eländet.
Kom hit och pusta ut på min terass när du vill ha semester.

Gillar er nya tavla!och stoooooort sovrum är härligt.

Mia said...

Tack snalla Sofia, jag kommer ihag hur gullig du var som ringde mig innan op pa alla hjartans dag. Da var jag inte sa cool. *precis som jag e det annars, fnis*


Watson Family said...

Men den vill jag ju ha!!! Kartan alltså!
Maken ska snällt få släpa den hem från IKEA i Singapore nästa vecka, om de har den där!
Den är ju jättefin!

Men det är ju Eiffeltornet också såklart!

Larssons said...

ang kartor så hittade vi laminerade kartor på Barnes Noble som vi ramade in. Nu sitter de i F rum och vi ringar in med OH pennor de städer han har varit i.

Mia said...



Cs inringningar skulle nog inte bli sa imponerande, vi kan lika garna kopa en karta over vastsverige. :)