Saturday, 12 January 2008

Complete IKEA usage

What better way of getting use of a bookshelf you don't know where to place, a couple of blankets and a fish mat than pretending it's a hotel?

Note J laying patiently waiting for the sound of morning, exclaimed by C: Caquadoo-del-doo!

They also dragged all kind of things out on the floor playing skeppsbrott, *you are not allowed to touch the floor, but jump around on different items jotted around the floor*

Me, mostly working, O getting the last Christmas boxes out of sight.


Larssons said...

Låter som en alldeles lagoma söndag. Mysigt när baren leker ihop!

Mia said...

Ja, nar C borjade skolan var de i luven pa varandra en del, men det verkar ha lagt sig nu.