Monday, 21 January 2008

Clumsy me

I am usually a clumsy person, but the past week I have exceeded myself.

Last week, when I was alone with the children and I was clearing the table for dinner, I was stupid enough to place my laptop on a tin on top of the dining table. There was room on the side of it, but I decided *no obviously I wasn't thinking at all, so no decision making there* to balance it on top of the tin. It was a 10inch long tin and the lid was securely fastened, or so I thought. Half way through the dinner, I caught a glimpse of my new red friend starting to fly through the air, the lid having slowly slipped off creating a 10 inch long slide, just so it reached the edge of the table and the laptop crashed to the floor. Screen broken.

I was so incredibly angry with myself, I still saw dots flying in front of my eyes when going to bed, even though I took my blood pressure medication. Who on earth puts a laptop on top of a tin jar??!!

But that was not enough, on Saturday it was EFIT day and when I was in the middle of it, just about to take a picture of my steroid drops *hm...come to think of it, it suited me right!*, the camera just slipped out of my hands and banged the floor boards. Now it is also dead.

And new products arriving next week at work. *Great*

Since I now have no camera, here is one of the pictures I took this weekend. J got a big girls bed, or actually we just took down one side of her bed, but she found it really exciting and realized her bed was brilliant for jumping on...(dressed in her lovely new clothes from Styrox)

I know I am seriously screaming here. O just fixed my laptop. Minutes after I posted about my clumsiness. *Maybe the official humiliation was my absolution*

*How great is this man?? Sony told us they would charge £500 at least, so we realized that option was out, my laptop was gone.

*huge, HUUUUGE sigh of relief!*

*ah, this is a GOOD day!*


O said...

asch, det var val inget. *funderar pa vad jag kan kopa for £500*!!

Mia said...

haha, precis min tanke ocksa. ;)

styrox said...

åååh, så söt hon är i monsterkläder :-D