Monday, 22 October 2007

A place at school


We went to visit one of the local schools today. It was much better than I had ever imagined it to be. We have now been offered a place and C is to go there later this week, so they can make an assessment. *I have to admit I have to try to calm my competetive nerve not to do math and reading every single hour of the day before this.*

Here, C and J tries out the little playground they had.

The relief of having this sorted, I felt almost faint afterwards and it took over an hour before the feeling of spaghetti legs had passed.

We went to the nearest cafe where J decided to be the most noisy and stubborn toddler around. She was a comlete nightmare *below is one of her nicer moments*, so we quickly finished our coffee and went home again.

At home, J decided to bang C in the head with a wooden rolling pin. C got quite a big bump from that so I gave him an ice cube to hold on his bump. I guess it melted, because he went to get another one and instead of sticking it on his forehead he decided to try to see if it really is dangerous to put an ice cube on your lips when it's frozen. He was quite horrified to notice the lips got stuck and he started bleeding quite heavily. Just as I managed to get his bleeding stopped O started yelling for me to get water, now J was stuck on an ice cube as well.. She wasn't to bad off though, but she wasn't happy with having water poured down her face.

After this we all collapsed on the sofa eating macaroni and cheese watching Mr Bean. Children are now sleeping and we are going to watch 24. I just realized that tomorrow is Pharmacy day..

*Good night!*


O said...

Why all the anger, dear. I'll be thinking about all of you at my new favourite wine bar. It's fantastic! Soft piano music, comfy chairs, lovely wines - ah! :) You should join me some day!!

Mia said...

I am not angry, this is me being nice! :)

Larssons said...

I think O deserves a nice kick in the *fill in the blanks* fr that comment.
Glad you found a school!

Dosiss said...

Good on you "thumbs up"! I know the feeling even though I didn't choose a school 'cause my children are in the village school. However I need to find a private High School, the public one is situated in an area that I don't like.

Mia said...

larssons and dossis:

I have now phoned the school asking for C to be placed in a certain class, so I feel a bit cool. :) Not just saying yes, but actually demanding exactly what I want.

If that is not able to be accommodated, he will probably be placed in a class where a Swedish boy starts in November, so both alternatives are really good!

Dossis, you still have some time to do your research, then. ;)


O said...


Thinking about it, I was very impressed by the pupils' behaviour at the school. When approaching the main entrance (slowly, slowly with J admiring the buildings, the clock on the wall, the stones on the ground, the fluff in her pockets...) one kid rushed out through the doorways, stopped mid-air and, like a super hero-cartoon (or at least like Goofy), he reversed back to hold the door for us. Once inside, kids were rather waiting for us to clear the stairs before they passed by. Lots and lots of fun and happy faces but without hysteric yelling and screaming. I was just about to say that even my mom would have been impressed, but nah, she would merely see it as something that she rightfully should expect from anyone. bless.
Items to add to the list of things that we didn't think of:
-Learn C to polish shoes and shoes only.
-Teach J to NOT help C polishing shoes.
-Teach C the importance of a full windsor. Alternatively, get Ready-made ties or Shirts with painted tie.
-Teach J NOT to practice windsor knot on herself.
-Teach C NOT to practice windsor knot, or any other knot, on J.