Sunday, 21 October 2007

Sunday at the beach

Today, true to my feel-better-check-list, we all packed ourselves in the car and went to the beach.

It didn't start off in the smoothest of ways. When we were about to leave I was working, O asked me if I was finished soon?

"Yes, in about 3 minutes" was my reply, not necessarily meaning me being ready in 3 minutes but merely my work, so when I finished my last task for the day on my computer he was already in the car with the children waiting and I had to rush about like a mad cow trying to find something to wear *2weeks dressed in PJs and no wardrobes in the bedroom, makes thing like this a true challenge!*. Still having a bit of a cold I also suddenly realized that it was probably arctic weather outside and I also had to find hats and warmer coats for the children. Arriving to the car, the children (and not only them) where a bit fed up with the sitting in the car.

This time we went a bit further than our usual beach trip and it was well worth the extra miles.

C and O left me and J playing in the sand and went hiking on the rocks. This is not the best of pictures, but it is the first ever picture I've taken of J, where she actually looks like me! *hmm, reading this afterwards, I am not sure that came across to well, bad picture = looks like me!*

She was very concentrated, collecting food for the birds *she was a bit annoyed with the sea gulls that they didn't come when she called for dinner*.

In her normal tidy manner she organized the stones into mummy stones and baby stones, placing the baby stones on top of the mummy stones *she did a lot of carrying!*

The region where we live is a volcanic region *mind you extinct volcanoes, I've been googling!* and there are some fabulous rocks on this beach, it is very close to an ancient vent of a volcano.

Here C is as a fierce pirate. J did her very best to climb the rocks as well and all of a sudden the moon was up and we had to go home again.

Comment of the day: I am terrible with birds, remembering what sort of species they are. My mum, dad and brother always had some strange bonding going on "oh, look there is a red blah blah.." and I don't know if it was sheer teenage resistance or what, but at the age of 13 I sort of took took a vow on not remembering such boring things and I am clearly now being punished. Today, C pointed at a sea gull exclaiming: "Look, mummy a swan!"


Watson Family said...

Åh, vad är det vackert på er strand!!! *Suck* jag blir helt hänförd!

Fina kläder ungarna har på sig också - saknar faktiskt lite (fast bara ibland) att få klä på mina jackor och mössor...

Härliga bilder, tack för titten!

Mia said...


Vi har mycket vacker natur här omkring, det ska bli kul att "bli hemma" med den.

Vi andra e avis på era poolbesök. :)