Sunday, 28 October 2007

Happy Halloween!

To celebrate Halloween, we went on a ghost steam train ride today. I was a really nice outing. The children loved to dress up in their new costumes. C came running with my eye liner this morning, remembering I painted his face last year. J also wanted to have a go:
C was a fierce one-legged bat (man)

J had a very good idea of how she was going to be dressed. She was a "bat sess", that is a Bat princess, with horns on her head, heart on her back and a golden hand bag.

At the railway station and facing the actual steam train, J wasn't to sure *to put it mildly. She screamed "J inte tycka om chew chew!" (J don't like chew chew!), but she eventually calmed down. It was a lovely little station with all the oldy worldy looks intact.

On board the train we were all very excited. The train was filled with dressed up children, so it was a real adventure. I don't know if O or C was the most excited.

My rock.

There wasn't the most of scenic of tours, but just before we pulled into the station again, I managed to take this picture *through the window*.

Back home we had a Halloween party with treasure hunt.

Way to beat to tell you anything about that at this point. Now, the children are asleep and I intend to plonk on the sofa and continue watching 24.

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