Friday, 12 October 2007

The bear went over the mountain

My son just sang a song that pretty much sums up my day today *or rather my week!*

The bear went over the mountain,
The bear went over the mountain,
The bear went over the mooountaaaain,
to see what he could see

And all that he could see,
And all that he could see,
the other side of the mountain,
the other side of the mountain,
the other side of the moountaaaain,
was all that he could see.

Here is a little example of my joyful week:

Last week DHL attempted to deliver a parcel.
I wasn't in at he time, so they left a slip with a parcel reference asking me to contact them to arrange a re-delivery of the goods.

When I phoned DHL, I had to press my way through a very efficient automatic phone system where I was able to schedule my delivery for the following day.
No boxes arrived the following day.
So I tried again, I booked another delivery for the following day via their very efficient phone system.
No boxes arrived this time either.
Annoyed now, I called them on Monday and managed to speak to someone in person, who apologized and told me the delivery was to happen the following day.
Needless to say, it didn't arrive!!

Really quite cross, I called DHL again an this time I was told that the parcel indeed had been delivered the day before. To Woolworth's, which was the company the slip was for, that was left at my door on Tuesday last week. I asked the lady at FedEx what had happened to my parcels and I was told that: "No, there are no parcels for you, the parcel was for the Woolworth's company"

"Yes, but surely, the delivery man didn't accidentally go across town, into a house of private flats and up two stairs and just thought that Woolworth's must be behind this black door??!!
"Yes, and we apologize for this error".

I asked her if she could check if they had any parcels for our company at their depot, but no "you need a parcel reference for that and that would be on the slip they left.."

After hanging up and pulling my hair for a while, I remembered the fancy banner that was left by our door last week, could that have been among the missing parcels? Tracking the airbill number on the fancy banner I managed to find out that it was indeed 5pc on that airbill and they only left one at our door.

So on calling DHL again with my airbill number at hand, I receive a huge apology together with a promise that the goods were to arrive the following day (yesterday).

Which they did not!

Tracking the airbill number again on their website last night, the delivery had been put on hold yesterday. Upon trying to call them the whole morning *really steaming now*, their office seemed to have seized to exist *at least according to their excellent automatic phone system*, so I just gave up for an hour or so.

Then, out of nowhere the boxes arrive.


Now then, let's find the missing 7 parcels that has been gone for a month. All I have is a phone number to a person called Carol, who sounds as if she is on Valium . She has given me her sleepy words *for the 3rd time* that the boxes are due to arrive today. It is now 4.36 on Friday afternoon..

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