Monday, 8 October 2007

Visiting Neverland

Our visit at the school on Friday was quite an experience. I truly had no idea what we had let us in on.

Upon our arrival, we received a tour of the Kindergarten garden, which very much reminded me about Sweden. Climbing-trees, rope ladders and a lovely tad pole pond, no playground, but a "läger", which means "base camp" in Swedish. Anyone attending Mulle eller Strövarna knows what I mean.

We were showed around 3 identical, very bare rooms *no children's drawings, nothing on the walls* and the interview started. They wanted to know things like exactly how C started off crawling when 6months old, if we had a garden or not and if and how much C was watching television, these being the main points.

I am not going to go in to it by any depth, the things that astounded me was that basically they stand back and let children play with nothing *you know like they can pretend a chair is a steam train in the kitchen while you cook dinner*. I completely agree that this is an important side of a child's development, I just don't see how they can charge for it and it alone.

I can see how the children benefit from an environment free from ready made concepts and without the influences of the likes of Spiderman, but it beats me why a child's world should be gray and boring *no, that's not fair, they used red and pink*. I don't think I saw one spot of colour on anyone there.

No particular interest was shown C, the only comment made was that his hair line was very high. I was also told to leave my mother tounge at the gate. (!!)

So, perhaps not.

In my normal manner, I freaked big times afterwards and instead of thinking *oh, that's that then and start the slow process of trying to find another school*, I have since been reading the city's schools guide on every hour available fretting on what to do.

Otherwise I have been locked up in the office for 2days working, while O has taken the children to the beach and playgrounds.

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