Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Maybe I should change career..

and become a coordinator for parcel deliveries?

Or maybe not, I would probably grow grey hair within a week.

Today I received an email from a supplier letting me know their courier had been trying to deliver a parcel twice last Friday and once yesterday. We both have been here the whole time, so I was quite puzzled as to how the delivery man did this "attempt of delivery".

I called the courier myself and told the operator that I live in flat 3, there are 3 buttons at the main door:
  • 1 for flat 1
  • 1 for flat 2
  • 1 for flat 3

I have even put up a little note saying if you have a parcel for x, please press 3.

She says: "Ok, I am actually going to call the driver while you are still here, hold on"
And then she comes back: "I have instructed the driver to press buzzer number 3"

1h later the delivery man arrives. He presses the buzzer and *voila* he manages to deliver the parcel.

Now I'm stuck in my thoughts as to what happened the other 3 times. So he received a parcel for Flat 3, x x street. He then went to the correct address, saw our 3 buttons and ....

*Really, things like this can keep me awake all night.*


Larssons said...

Ehh de där boxarna är faktiskt till mig:)

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Small size - Far away! Very confusing.

Mia said...


Den som ändå hade såna leveranser.. :)

I think I will change Father Ted to Desperate Housewives tonight.
Miss you!

Anonymous said...

well, OK then. But then I'll have to add a few items to my shopping basket... tv cards, cabling, a new box for sweden, let's see... oh, and a new keyboard too. now where's your credit card?

Mia said...

I have misplaced it! *remember*