Friday, 19 October 2007

Swedish vocabulary lesson no 1: *Punka*

I am going to teach you a word in Swedish today:

Punka, or actually it's a slang word for a flat tyre.

Without having to mention the tyre in Swedish, you can easily express how I feel today: I have got "punka", I am feeling flat as a tyre, no energy left for anything really and all I want to do is pull the duvet over my head and hide.

Well am I not a Friday-mood spoiler.

So instead of moaning about all the bad things I can come to think of (they are a few!) I am going to pep myself and anyone else who need a bit of cheering up. All you have to do is to think of 5 things that make you feel good and hopefully that will sway your mind into a better gear. Never mind how small a things it is as long as they make you feel better.

*ok, being in Ior-mood, I had to think hard here, but here it goes:*

*Sleepless in Seattle - I know for some of you it's an ancient movie, but it has always made me feel very good, the first time I watched this I was at a very good place in my life (or maybe I took the step into this great place just afterwards I am not really sure..) *making note of watching it this weekend*

*Watching the sea - I've hardly been outside for the past 2 weeks, having had a cold and juggling both work and children (while O has been wining and dining in the big capital, staying at a hotel *yes, I am allowed to view his get-up-at-4am-fly-to-capital-sleep-at-2star-hotel-trips like that, this is my list and when you haven't been allowed to go to the bathroom on your own for a couple of days, this is how you reason!* So we have to go to the beach this weekend, no matter how much work there is to be done.

*Give myself a pat on the back, I have actually managed to clear some goods through customs and looking at it a week ago, it didn't seem doable in 1week's time, but I did it! *sending many annoying emails can get you far, in the end people grow so tired of you they simply do their job to get rid of you!*

*Watch the children, 2year old J is so funny nowadays, she is talking quite a lot and if I just let go of all the "I must-stuff" she really gives me a toddlers perspective on life.

*Listen to music that is not "I am a duck, quack, quack", which has been playing all week since we installed Cs little stereo in his room. This track always gets me in a good mood (it was a soundtrack to You've Got Mail (do you see the Meg Ryan-thread here?), another feel-good movie for me. The clip is actually from her movie Kate and Leopold, but just imaging yourself walking though a crisp autumn city with this song playing.

Have a great Friday evening, *enjoy, I feel better already..*


Dosiss said...

And I got a sore throat friday. I have passed saturday laying in bed trying to sleep away a virus. My husband went proudly grocery shopping but was stuck 10 minutes in front of the self service balance before he realised that the kiwis costs 20 cintimes euros a piece...........
Now we're waiting for my husbands cousin. He's bought our "old" flats screen tv and now we need to take it up 5 floors in a very very old house with an very typical old french elevator. That will be very interesting to see.
I hope you"ll soon get to go to the loo all by yourself:D

Mia said...

Ajaj!, hope you are feeling better soon.

I am not jealous of the tv removal. *huuuu*

Yes, bathroom all to self for the whole weekend had a looong shower this morning. ;)


Cissi said...

jag älskar sleepless in Seattle!! Jag måste kolla den igen nu efter vi vart i NY ;)

Mia said...

Visst e det något speciellt med den! :) Jag pratar fortfarande med O om eran NY trip och ni har nog inspirerat oss att ta en citytrip nånstans nån helg utan barnen.

Ska bara hitta nån som kan passa dem först...


1st Lady said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog :) Yours was very enjoyable to read and I'm adding it to my coffee(s) in the morning reads! When you have fathomed out which week the red recycling bin goes out and which week the blue recycling bin goes out perhaps let us know. Cardboard and unpacking, got to love it eh!

Mia said...

Thank you for visiting! :) I am glad that I have found someone with some local knowledge. I also find myself giggling away reading your posts.

Pleasure is all mine.