Thursday, 4 October 2007

Talking about the interview

C is starting school. This school lets the children start school at a later age and attends kindergarten at the age of 5. It reminds us quite a lot of the Swedish school system. They also study subjects in blocks, i e one block for a couple of weeks, tieing many subjects to the same project. And no uniforms.

Part from that, they also have another approach to learning. All senses are aimed to be involved, so there is a lot of dancing and singing and "hands on work". I looked at a summarized spreadsheet over the schools in this city the other day. On "extra features" most other schools had a swimming pool, or a state of the art media room.

This school has a new green house, for gardening. *yeay, I don't know anything about gardening, I think it's sweet!*

*So far so good*, but we also read in their goals that they ask parents to minimize television watching and they seem to think that computers are altogether bad for children. There we don't really agree.. I have my *irrational, I hope, fear* that all other mums at this school, grow their own herbs, make their children's clothes, mix their children's play dough and would NEVER EVER set their foot inside McDonald's..

They are also against any form of hierarchy, so there are no principal and everyone are equals. I am very interested in this approach, but I am not sure it is my preferred way.

So I have started wondering what C will say on this interview and yesterday, when we had dinner, I asked him a little bit.

We were talking a bit about this new school and that we were going there visiting. I said that he could ask them questions and they would show us around school and ask us questions as well.

C: "Like what questions?"
Me: "Like, what is your favorite thing to do?" *the guy loves dancing, putting on shows, cycling etc, but now his mind are on other things:*"
C: "Eating sweets!"
Me: *ehum, ok* "What is your second most favorite thing to do then?"
C: "Eat chocolate"
Me: "But Carl, I said doing!"
C: Yes, but eating IS doing!
*Although impressed by his grammatical skills, I gave up on that one and changed the subject a little*

Me: "Maybe we can ask them what they usually sing at school? That would be interesting to hear, don't you think?"
C, getting a bit excited now, "I can sing my own song, I've made it myself"
Me: "Wow, yes, that sounds great *since all his made up songs the past month has been all about love and sharing toys*

"Power, Power, I LOOOOOOVE Power!! Power, Power, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Power!"

*Oh, yes, really looking forward to tomorrow now...but as O put's it, they probably realize that he really needs to go to this school! ;)*


Anonymous said...

Not to worry, dear. Explain to them that C doesn't love power as such but that he merely refers to Power Rangers series that he watches 24*7... or maybe not.

I'm sure C will provide a healthy injection of realism into this hippie haven. :-)

Dominator Dad

Mia said...

*gaah* Welcome home!!

Wel-Ove P'Over said...

But we learnt alot from it! Next time we will be prepared for questions not only about WHEN C started to crawl, but also what it looked like. And seriously, how important are the names of the days anyway? Who needs Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday when there is Tidy-upday, Polish shoesday and the-day-we-turned-down-Kolikook-school!!