Tuesday, 23 October 2007

You know you live on a northernly latitude

if you can go out dressing your child like this and no one raises a brow.
J loves her new hat, she calls it "rocket". I can see why. *No, it wasn't that cold, but she had managed to pour juice over her other hat and this was at hand on our way out..*

Anyhow, the biggest event of the day has been going to the pharmacy and because I actually had one doze left for tonight, it never turned into any big challenge in my head, so it all went very smoothly.

I love the street of our local pharmacy, we went around 5pm, when the sun was setting. Our whole city area consists of cobbled streets, it gives such a lovely feel to the daily tasks of popping out to the shop. *You can see the green cross where our pharmacy is*
We had to wait for 20min for the pharmacist to prepare my prescription, so we manged to buy quite a lot on our little route around this mini pharmacy. C wanted a set of hat, scarf and gloves, he felt so cool afterwards. Our little smurf *bless*.
Back home J decided she wasn't going to go up the stairs. "Bäna, mamma?" (Mummy carry?). When explained I couldn't managed both her, the buggy and plastic bags, she sat down and announced "Pappa bäna, pappa komma hem!" (Daddy carry, when daddy comes home). It took me a while to persuade her up the stairs.

Comment of the day: C is thinking a lot about the love of his life, which at the moment is me. Today, he gave me a cuddle after breakfast announcing that he loved me. I told him that I loved him and that he was my special boy. "But who is dad then?", was his next move.
"He is my special man", I said.
He thought for a while and then said with a sad voice: "I will never be your special man, will I?"


O said...

What is a night out in Big Town compared with my Conehead and my Smurf?!

oh, and with my lovely wife!!

miss you loads!!

Mia said...

Miss you to! ;)

Lisa said...

That was a sweet thing to say - but maybe also a bit sad!

I guess our children will always remain "girls and boys" to us, even when they are grown! :)

Mia said...


Yes, it is sad, but it was also like an acceptance, because he has been thinking a lot lately about how it all works, with me being married to daddy. "How am I ever going to catch up with you? When I am old enough to marry, you will be even older.."

He is a true ponderer.

1st Lady said...

That's a lovely street photo. If you removed the cars the photo could be showing the street as it was 150yrs ago.

Larssons said...

Men gullungen då, han är en riktig mysfilosof.

Jag skulle gärna byta våra evighetsbreda highways mot er kullerstensgata

Mia said...

1st lady:

I don't think I will ever grow tired of walking around this city, it is so beautiful! I just love living in an environment where you can almost see how it was back then.

Love it!


Han e verkligen filosofisk nuförtiden och bröt ihop när han såg Robin Hood härom veckan. Så nu har jag lovat honom att vi ska åka till Disneyworld och åka droska tillsammans annars tror han aldig att det ska hända honom..

Hoppas han blir superkär i nån liten tjej när han börjar skolan!

Lisa said...

"How am I ever going to catch up with you? When I am old enough to marry, you will be even older.."

He seems to be a very smart kid!

Mia said...


I am finding it hard to keep up with his thoughts! :)