Sunday, 14 October 2007

O excelled himself

Not only did he make my birthday cake himself, he made two!!

The first one was made whilst I had a good sleep in.

*thank you, thank you, thank you*!!

Just as the singing by the bedside was finished a beautiful bouquet arrived from Sweden:

Then the day got a bit disorganized..

We had planned before hand to have a beach party, but it started raining, so we decided to go to the Sea World center instead. Just as we were about to leave I had the brilliant idea of popping by the outlet center to get new shoes to C *don't ask from where I get these genius ideas*

J fell asleep in the car so C and I headed for the shoe shop. After trying on *walking, jumping, admiring* a pair of shoes we paid for them and went outside where C changed into his new pair of shoes. After 50m he decided they were to small..

After that we headed for the Sea World Center and ran into our first traffic jam in this city. *I have heard of a street on the traffic news on the radio, that is usually jammed and we have been making jokes about this street being the only congested one in this city*

Not so funny when you get find it during the Saturday afternoon rush hour with excited children in the car.

30 min later they were not so excited, so we decided to go the the city zoo instead. We took the next exit off the motorway *which took another 30min* and then it all started. Completely lost among field upon field of cows were drove around for ages.

Having driven off the page of our map and me being a map fanatic, I completely lost it and we all sat there in the car laughing, the children going "faster, faster!", it was quite a good ride!

When we finally arrived at the zoo, it was 15 min before they closed and we spent a hectic 15min buying half the souvenir shop to prevent a huge tearful disaster.

Back home again we had art and crafts hour with our jungle and shark sticker books while O made the second cake.

(O went to the Zoo with the children on Sunday morning whilst I was working, they had a lovely time)

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