Thursday, 25 October 2007

Practicing for Halloween

This morning was exciting. O had sent some costumes to the children, so when they arrived, they had to try them on straight away:

At first J loved her red suit, but then she liked the Bat princess costume better. She danced around like a butterfly and C was very disappointed that his little sister wasn't trying to be scary at all.

In the afternoon, we decided to try some baking. We did these: Intense Chocolate cookies, all in line with my new me, as a cooking mum.

We were very happy with the result, I couldn't find any measuring cup, so everything was estimated *which I have never done before, I cannot cook without a recipe*.

Promise of the day: I have done a lot of thinking today. Cs school is doing an assessment of him tomorrow and I have been discussing our preference of class with the admissions secretary, which has led to quite a fundamental understanding of who I am.

I am never going to settle with only hoping for the best without trying my hardest. It probably makes me lie awake a few more nights than the average person, but I will know I've done my best.

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