Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Sleepwalking all day

I never woke up this morning, I don't know why, but my mind and body never seemed to acknowledge the fact that it was morning and time to get started.

So I have been sleepwalking my way through the day, wandering around the flat, watching the children play, sneaking off to the computer..

J had a fascination this morning. A spoon. It kept her occupied for over an hour. She was delighted that she could see herself in it. She looked at herself over and over again, talking to the spoon, singing to the spoon, tried if I could see myself and if C could see himself. I find it amazing how they can just loose themselves in something like that.

Comment of the day: C and I have found our little "daddy's away-routine". We watch telly together when J has gone to bed and Cs favorite program is Nigella Express (he chose this over a Bamse magazine or even a children's program..). I think it is the fact that she smiles a lot and make yummy food. As usual he was talking his way through this whole program.

"But, is she home all alone? Where are her children? Where is she shopping now? Why is she looking at us all the time? 100grams? Do we have to count to 100 when we make those cookies then?"

And, in the last scene, when Nigella is tucking into on her 3rd main course meal :

"She sure can eat a lot, can't she!"


O said...

o bummer. it will take forever to make those cookies, sorry, bisquits!!

see you soon!!

Mia said...

There is a plate of cookies cooling on the stove for you! *very proud*