Wednesday, 26 September 2007

The Daunting Task

I have a problem. Well, not a problem as a dilemma, really.

I have the Daunting-Task-syndrome.

Like today, or actually it started yesterday when realizing that O had taken the buggy to the airport (it was in the car, which he parked there to spare me from popping to the parking meter every four hours). I instantly realized that today, which was "go-to-pharmacy-day", was going to be a bit of a challenge. J, being 2years old, is as stubborn as an old horse when it comes to walking nicely and my physique is not really compliant with carrying stubborn toddler halfway across city.

O reminded me yesterday evening, when I was sharing my worries with him *very pleased with my substitute for complaining there..*, that we actually have a second buggy, however with an acute need of tire pumping *oh, in which of the remaining 76 boxes did we put the pump?..*

So this morning I woke up with quite a lot of energy, managed to clean the kitchen spotless, including clearing and wiping out the refrigerator before my grocery delivery arrived *many grownup housewife points there*. I made pancakes and put J down for a nap, played with C on the computer for half an hour and then my thoughts went to the Daunting Task.

I realized that any normal sane person would just check the wheels of the buggy, dress the children and go, but did I? No..

I search the whole flat for that miracle little pill, who would make my daunting task slip into tomorrow. I actually searched for 1h, I emailed O asking if he knew of any odd place where he had seen my medicine lying around and I even contemplated surviving on only half a dose!

Eventually I gave up, unfolded the buggy *in which moment I realized that our former nanny, had actually taken the buggy to the bicycle shop and had the tires filled*, and took the children downstairs and out.

It was BEAUTIFUL outside. The weather was lovely, sunny, cool and crisp. The children were so well behaved, 6 people smiled and said hello, one woman even complimenting the children of their colorful coats. The pharmacy *ok, I have a bit of a pharmacy phobia, after the last comment I had in the big city: "Are you sure this is right (looking at my prescription), this is more than the usual dose that your on!" This guy was seriously scary, he even remembered how many Otrivin drops O had bought at one point.

Where was I? Ah, the pharmacy people were really, really nice and part from J refusing to go upstairs when arriving back home, it all went very smoothly. All sorted in 35 minutes.

So what is the deal with The Daunting Task, I wonder? Is it just me?

Back up in the flat, we made rocket ships out of a Pringles tube and party hats, whilst I made dinner. That was not the least bit stressful.

Beats me..
Comment of the day: C, when seeing a yellow autumn leaf on the pavement. He picked it up and said: Look, this must be from granddad, because there are no trees around, so it must have fallen from his tree in heaven, where he lives.

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