Thursday, 27 September 2007

One big step towards the new me..

I have never understood why anyone would sit down in front of the tv and watch someone else cook. *boooooring*

But then we both ended up watching Nigella Lawson Express on Sunday evening.

Maybe it was the fact that she slipped in "but frankly, I couldn't be bother with that, so I just..." every now and then, which kept my interest going.

She also had gorgeous cookware, which I now also would like to add to my growing birthday wishlist
Photo: Blueshots

On Monday evening I ordered groceries online and ordered everything for one of her recipes, Chicken alla cacciatora.

So today was the big, historic day when I was to start my new life as a cooking-tv-chef-dinners-mum.

I realized as I lined up all ingredients that I didn't have the garlic olive oil, so I added one tiny garlic clove and used butter instead. Neither did I have bay leaves. *I don't understand why the store didn't give me dried bay leaves when didn't have fresh ones..when they could exchange my gooseberry yogurt to raspberry*


I fried the garlic a little bit and added the bacon, spring onions and rosemary. Fine, no problemo *feeling the italian ease..*

I had some trouble getting the chicken nicely golden, but eventually I was satisfied *or rather I thought about the boiling time..* Here, I think I have poured the wine into the pan. Poured 2dl (and also added some more later on).
*still quite pleased, I wasn't sure about the celery salt, but it smelled beautiful when sprinkled onto the frying chicken*

My heart sank a bit when I added the crushed tomatoes, it is not a favorite of mine, but still hoped for a good result.

I don't really understand the 10-30minutes cooking time, as the chicken was to simmer for 20minutes even before the beans was added, so it took quite a while. By the time the food was finished, I was so hungry, I didn't bother trying to get a nice photo of the plate, so here it is:

  • C cleared his plate, but wasn't too keen on the beans.
  • J tried several times, but it didn't go down to well, but I served it really hot (when she walked past the computer while I was posting this, she pointed at the screen saying "ajaj", which means ouch in Swedish)
  • I think it was nice, ok, but I would love to do it again with tomato puree and with garlic olive oil and bay leafs.
  • O had a look in here, told me he was very impressed and then *ca 2min later* asked me if we had anything to eat at home...
Comment of the day: C, when sitting with me in the sofa in the evening, watching *surprice, surprice Nigella Lawson Express*: "Mamma, jag älskar att sitta här bara du och jag. Det e så mysigt att jag tror att jag får hjärtaögon *som i de tecknade serierna*. Det här ögat e golden *pekar på sitt vänstra öga* och detta är alldeles rosa..
which translated to english is:
"Mummy, I love sitting here just the two of us. It is so cosy, so I think I have "heart eyes" (heart shaped eyes like in the cartoons). This one *pointing at his left eye* is golden and this one is all pink..

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