Tuesday, 25 September 2007

My wishlist

There are some drawbacks to having birthday in the autumn.

You are among the youngest in your class (that is if your school enters pupils by calendar year).

Come to think of it, nowadays I don't really consider it a drawback on my part..

The other drawback is Halloween... Last year, I didn't really wish for anything more then a home made birthday cake. When my birthday arrived, I was thrown a lovely birthday party by my family, but our life was really chaotic that week and I wasn't well, so O was shopping for the party, kind of in the last minute, and bought me a cake instead, or rather, he let the children choose between the one's in the store.

I got one with a marzipan witch riding a broom on top...

So this year I am using this place to give little hints on what would really make my day.

1) A home made cake.
2) if there is not time for baking, I woud LOVE to have something like this accompaning the halloween cake:

Photo: Fairmont & Main, John Lewis

..for our kitchen. I would also love to have any of these gorgeous items for our new utility room:

Photo: John Lewis

Comment of the day: When playing musical statues and I stopped the music: C: "George is out!!"
"George who??"
C pointing at one of the cuddly toys, not really moving around to the music in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Daddy'O - refusing to see hints - proudly remembers that it is the inside that counts and promises to provide lots of pasta and laundry for his beloved wife's birthday!! ;-)

Mia said...

Great, I have to order them myself then. ;)

Miss you like crazy!

Larsson said...

Jag vill _också_ ha en laundry-låda från John Lewis.
Fyller år 12 nov by the way:)

Mia said...


Raid till IKEA samt John Lewis innan 12nov.. ;)