Thursday, 13 September 2007

Conversation at the Supermarket

We have just moved to this new city. Or rather a big town compared to our last city.

When the removal van was loaded and hubbie (O) was about to drive off, he received a phone call. Afterwards he came to me and exclaimed: "We cannot move there!!"

"My goodness, what is it NOW", I thought, tired of all things going wrong with our move.

"I don't understand a word they say..."

Oh, only that. Haha! Easy peasy, that won't be a problem for ME, I thought very unsupportingly. Until my 3rd visit to the supermarket proved me wrong.

There was a very nice gentleman as cashier. He spoke with the military guy in front of me, who was meticulously lining everything up with millimeter precision on the till. (Fancy living with him, I though with a shudder (I am not the most tidy person in the world)). When it was my turn to be served, the nice man turned to me. I tried to focus on his strong accent to try to find the melody that breaks the code (if you only get the hang of when a word starts and finishes, you're not to bad off!) and at the same time tried to keep an eye on the children making balancing acts by the window, having grown tired of waiting in line with promises of chocolate if they only stood still..

Somehow the man managed to make me tell him I was Swedish. Oh, he had read a lot about the..*what is he saying?* ... Islands. How many different types of islands can there be in Sweden, surely I would be able to keep a general discussion going about this Swedish archipelago for the duration of packing my grocery bags? Yes, the fishermen there are fantastic men, ehum...very brave indeed. Just as I was about to put the last item in my bag, he asks: "which country do they really belong to? Is it Finland or Sweden?"

*I knew it! I am one of those people who can never EVER get away with the tiniest lie or misdoing*
"Ehum...what islands?" blushing now.
"Aland" Aha, Åland!! That's what he was talking about!!
Now he looks a bit confused.

Finland, I say before I rush off with children in tow. Why am I so incredibly inable to just nod and hum? Have to practice my nodding and humming. I think I will order online this week.

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