Monday, 24 September 2007

Promises, promises

I am sure most parents have made promises to their children, that they later wish they had not done.

When driving past the bicycle store on Saturday evening at 5.56, faced with the daunting task of whisking the children through the doors, up the stairs where the bicycles department is situated and then manage to make a decision on who is getting which helmet and then leaving with 2 happy children, all within the time frame of 4 minutes, that was such a moment for me and O.

"But we'll come back tomorrow and buy bicycle helmets!" And just to make it even better: "C, look at the sign. When do they open? Oh 10, we'll be here at 10then!! *brilliant*

So obviously I woke up with a migraine on Sunday, J had a cold and C a tummy ache.

By 3 o'clock we were all feeling ok, so off we went to the bicycle store. J immediately chose a bright pink one with daisies on. C wanted something scary like Power Rangers, only problem was, I pointed at the only Power Rangers helmet on the shelf, and because I did, HE wasn't the one to choose it... after some discussions and trying on every single helmet in the children's department, HE chose the Power Rangers one.

We had to try them out at our new favorite location off course!

The excitement of trying on his new gear for the first time!

We also had pic nic today again. The children found it very exciting to sit opposite us on the promenade.

J really seemed to relax och enjoy her apple, very appreciated by walkers-by..


crille said...

Very happy to see that you're settling in and are "remembering" why you decided to move.

The beach looks superb!!! Much nicer than the pebble beaches we've got down here.

Talk to you soon.

Mia said...

Yes, we have started to look further than the playground a block away..

Oh, we have a new phone number, actually we have two numbers now, but only one phone, so I'll email the "new one"

Thank you for stopping by. :)