Thursday, 20 September 2007

The kind of skills one develop as a mother

is really under-estimated in the world of today.

I was very pleased with myself being able to put together C's castle this morning. Especially after realizing the instructions were missing.

I also have to add, to anyone reading this without the daily pleasure of doing any task requiring a little bit of concentration in the company of 2 children, J was obviously taking off any piece I manged to put in the right place and C putting it elsewhere, excitedly exclaiming "We are doing it any way we like, right mummy?"

If anyone wonder what is featured at the bottom right hand corner of the picture, it is obviously a Partying Crocodile..

Comment of the day: C on daddy's return after 3 days in the big city: I love you so much, it is as if my heart is glued (har klister) , and when daddy comes home the sticky tape comes loose and it breaks.

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