Tuesday, 18 September 2007

*brrrr* It is cold today!

I have been talking about how glorious it is going to be to live on a more northernly latitude, being Swedish and actually 75% Finnish, meaning I practically have it in my genes to do ice bathing in the middle of winter.

Went outside yesterday and I had a complete shock to the system. 2 degrees when going shopping in September is nothing we're used to!

Today it was around 7 degrees outside *my goodness, I am starting to sound like my father* in the morning and after some desperate fiddling with the central heating, the heat is slowly filling the flat.

O is working in the big city today, so I have been trying to get some work done with the children as company, Julia doing her best to distract me.

Thank you Bolibompa, for supplying some Swedish distraction around the world!

Comment of the day : J, after spilling her glas of apple juice all over table including big brothers top and trousers and noticing it was empty: "Bla (bra) J, J dricke upp!!", which actually is more correct when translated into English. "Well done J, J has finished her juice!"
C was very calm as I wiped up all juice and then he said: "I think we have to give J to someone else, but then again, we wouldn't want to do that, would we?"


Larssons said...

Hi there,
enjoy reading about your adventures up north. 2 degrees??? I don't think they can count so low over here:)

Mia said...

*jumping and dancing of joy*

A comment!! Thank you, you have made my day!

Thinking of you "over there"

kramar i massor

Lillie d'amour said...

argh 2 grader, det var som attan!

Mia said...

*vink, vink* och välkommen hit! :)

crille said...

They're too sweet! Hope J doesn't start applying her technique for finishing her food or drink regular illy.

2 degrees sounds NICE (no pun intended)! My problem is rather the oposite... Can't get any proper sleep when it's too warm. :)

Mia said...

I would hope not!

NICE to have you here, Crille

J was very disappointed this morning when the post man wasn't you. The post man looked a bit distressed when J took one look at him and through herself on the floor, screaming. ;)